TPRO | November 2023 Update

TPRO Network Announcement, +116% TPRO, Top Blockchain Consulting Company

TPRO Network Announcement

TPRO Network will bridge the knowledge gap in blockchain economies, enabling community members with varying technical expertise to participate and make informed decisions actively.

Although innovative and promising, the blockchain sector faces significant challenges that hinder its potential.

One of the most pressing issues is inadequate system designs. This has led to financial losses exceeding $600 million, a concerning figure that highlights the need for more robust and reliable systems.

TPRO Network will address this critical issue by implementing robust, thoroughly tested, and community-validated economic models, ensuring greater security and efficiency in blockchain operations.

Another major concern is the lack of transparency and trust in the blockchain space. Often, the genesis of economic models and subsequent changes are not clearly communicated, leading to scattered information and potential manipulation. This opacity undermines the credibility and stability of blockchain economies, deterring wider adoption and trust.

How TPRO Network Addresses These Challenges 

It’s network because it’s about L2 Blockchain, Native Simulations Protocol Layer, Token Engineers, DAPPS devs, Community & Founders

To combat these issues, TPRO Network is introducing a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, our 'Simulations Scenarios Interface' allows users to set up various scenarios akin to assembling LEGO bricks, but in the context of tokenomics. This innovative tool enables users to experiment with different economic models and observe the outcomes, fostering a deeper understanding of blockchain dynamics.

Secondly, the 'Simulations Results Interface' provides a detailed view layer for these simulations. This interface, currently used for Tokenomics Audits, offers an in-depth analysis of the simulation outcomes, allowing users to grasp the nuances and potential implications of different economic models.

Thirdly, our 'Alpha Exchange' is a groundbreaking platform where users can trade access to these valuable insights. This exchange comprises both primary and secondary markets, promoting a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Lastly, the application layer, initially focused on decentralized applications (dApps), will serve as a practical implementation ground for these insights, demonstrating real-world applications and benefits of the simulated economic models.

Through these initiatives, TPRO Network aims to enhance transparency, build trust, and empower users in the blockchain space, paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly blockchain economy.

In the upcoming days, we will start with a new website and social media channels so you can learn more about the TPRO Network and further developments.

TPRO Token will be there to capture the value of TPRO Network

TPRO Token increased in price by 116%

About the token, compared to two months ago, TPRO Token increased in price by 116%, compared to last month's 76% - just look at the screenshot below. All green folks! And we are just starting 🚀 is a Top Blockchain Consulting Company

Another recognition for our hard work during the last two years 🎉 We greatly appreciate it, but we don’t stop here - we are constantly improving our services and offerings. Thanks for all of the support!

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support. Let's continue to shape the future of blockchain together.

Best Regards,

Lukasz Szymanski & team